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Your brand-growing neuroscience wrap up: May

Updated: Jun 7

A few human truths we covered this month:

  1. 3 Human Truths to understand inflationary pricing 'under the hood'

  2. 'Revenge Spend' is upon us

  3. 90's Nostalgia: Why now?

  4. Framing 'Indulgences': it's not all salt, fat, and carbs

  5. Neuro-diversity and the cognitively-optimized team


My Food Institute article reveals ‘3 Truths’ that food business leaders need to know around rising prices.


Nik Modi, Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets, cited our data on CNBC regarding the likelihood of 'revenge spend' on services in this quickly-evolving landscape.


My colleague, Mary Mathes, published an article in GreenBook on the Neuroscience Behind 90’s Nostalgia. Great points on the predictability of cultural trends... and you’ll love the pop culture references. ;)


Indulgences are integral to overall wellness and well-being, not merely foods comprised of salt, fat, and carbs! Our neuropsych framing around the 4 different types of indulgences illustrates how they vary depending upon mindset.


A high-performance team is a cognitively optimized one. Here's how to think about the neuro-diversity of ‘mindsets’ when creating effective teams, large and small.

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