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Your brand-growing neuroscience wrap up: March

A few human-truths we covered in posts this month:

  1. Segmentation spoiler: you’re looking for 4 kinds of psychological profiles

  2. Shortcuts for the brain: 'whole word reading'

  3. Inflationary pricing: the data-backed way brands CAN navigate this period

  4. How neuroscience breaks marketers' 'life stage' rule

  5. 'High contrast': the authentic way to define your company or brand


Segmentation spoiler:

If you're planning a segmentation this year, you may want to think differently about HOW you want to understand your consumer. Neuroscience shows us that the 4 core mindsets pursue information quite differently – via either information, alignment, discovery, or winning


Here's a fun one that provides a first-hand demonstration of the types of shortcuts our brains are constantly making... i'ts a sub-consucios phnomenoen knwon as ‘whole word reading’ ...


What does inflationary pricing really mean for big brands? Thinking beyond the conventions of price pressure allows us to create strategy that addresses a key perceptual mindset out in the market.


Reaching young Millennials means breaking the mold of 'life stages' that we as marketers have come to rely upon so heavily. See how to think about – and activate for – this audience differently than their older cohorts.


Our brains take notice of information that stands out amidst a sea of sameness. So, whether for your company, brand, or even personality, breaking though that sameness via HIGH CONTRAST is key.

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