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  • Julie Maines

Your brand-growing neuroscience wrap up: February

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

A few human-truths we covered in posts this month:

  1. CPG + Walmart: price pressure relief techniques

  2. Price perception: 3 consumer segments

  3. The secret of digital journey mapping

  4. The perception of Gen Z in bev-alc

  5. The Present Problem for Peloton

  6. The Behavioral Science of career planning


CPG brands + Walmart:

Money isn't everything. CPG-ers can truly partner with Walmart to deliver more than just low prices; they can enable exploration, tribal wisdom, and exclusivity in their offerings.


Why do we automatically assume that what matters to consumers is expense – the actual dollar price? Our database reveals there are actually 3 segments, or 3 'types' of shoppers (and two of them weigh factors well beyond price).


Consumers' eyeballs remain on the key social platforms, but it's not actually a matter of WHERE consumer are... it's about the reason they're there – the WHY behind the views, which informs key marketing decisions.


The evolving beverage alcohol consumer:

Gen Z appears to be taking its own tact on what it means to "drink socially," and prominent beverage brands are taking notice.


You HAVEN'T tried Peloton??

When the perils of becoming too popular create a shift for fast-growing brands, a want-to can shift to a have-to. Placing the individual back at the center is key to getting back on track.


I joined Bob Goodwin, Founder of Career Club, for a LinkedIn Live session earlier this week to talk about how to better understanding the motivations that influence our career choices. (Spoiler – what 'we think we think' is not necessarily our core decision-making criteria.)

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