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Your brand-growing neuroscience wrap up: April

Updated: May 9

A few human truths we covered this month:

  1. The Psychology of Food: the role of 'experience' in the new normal

  2. 'Shoppers': the neuroscience perspective to illuminate behavior

  3. LinkedIn LIVE: the intersection of industry and the masters-level university world

  4. On-site with the Insights Association: breaking down the 'price barrier'

  5. Being consumer-centric: the role of a model-based approach


I spoke last week alongside Nik Modi, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets, on a Food Institute webinar: The Psychology of Food. We shared fresh data on emerging consumer behavior around the role 'experience' plays in the new normal – and how neuroscience reveals better insights in food decision-making.


Lumping 'shoppers' into a homogeneous bucket doesn't allow us to understand, diagnose, and ultimately predict their behavior. From a neuroscience perspective, there are actually TWO types of shoppers. So, even with pressures around supply chain and inflationary pricing, opportunities exist to reach YOUR shoppers in market.


We're connecting with interesting people every day and having great conversations LIVE on LinkedIn! Check out this discussion with Mike Mickunas, Industry Advisor and Masters-level Faculty at MSU: How can MRX professionals blend the conventional with more leading-edge, accurate approaches? What will winning leaders bring forth to 'up' their insights results and activation?

You can also check out the session with T. Sigi Hale, PhD, our Principal Neuroscientist / Director of Research!


I spoke alongside Brian Choi, CFA, and CEO of The Food Institute, about the intersection of food, inflation, and the consumer experience. A quick look at the presentation reveals that when it comes to the price barrier, mere 'expense' is actually LOW on the list. (Or, reach out to us – we're happy to elaborate.)


Priscilla McKinney and I had a fun discussion on her podcast, Ponderings from the Perch, on how a model-based approach provides deeper, more actionable consumer insights, and gives marketers the tools to truly be 'consumer-centric.'

Comments? Questions? Give us a shout!

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