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Why does it feel like 'surviving' the holidays?

It’s official – the holiday season is upon us. Cue the gift-giving, traditions, and gatherings!

There’s a festiveness in the air, but... also the notorious stress that underlies the adage of ‘surviving’ the holidays. If you’re experiencing it, you should know there’s a scientific reason these holidays feel more anxiety-inducing than, say, Halloween or the Summer holidays.

Our core neuropsych framework enables us to understand the cyclical nature of what we – as humans – are driven by, and that this particular time of year brings us into a ‘supposed-to’ state…

  • RESPONSIBILITY (vs. Rebellion)

  • SOCIAL VALUE (vs. Behavioral freedom)

  • AGREEMENT (vs. Absolution)

These ‘need states’ apply to humans both as individuals and as a part of society, and are amplified this time of year. What to do?

  • Rebel a little. Cut loose at that ugly sweater party ;)

  • Self treat. Take an hour to go do something for JUST YOU.

  • Absolve yourself. If you don’t feel like ALL the trimmings, just cut a corner or two.

And, when you get ready for next year’s planning, we’d be happy to explain how billion-dollar brands have used this insight – and much more – to drive their business all year round.

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