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  • Dr. T. Sigi Hale

Neuroscience on (re)defining ‘consumer-centric’

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Decades of research in human psychology and neuroscience is finally making it to the business world... This is the future of insights, happening NOW at Alpha-Diver...

Take a quick listen to Sigi Hale, PhD, our Principal Neuroscientist and Director of Research, in this short snippet of RBC Capital Markets' recent symposium led by Nik Modi: 'Psyched Out? Getting a grip on consumer behavior.*

Here's just a quick preview...

"...human beings can experience the world and make decisions in such vastly different and fundamentally different ways. What we're constantly trying to do is look for shared biological and psychological traits and patterns that can give us some common ground [...] another possibility is starting to emerge."

*The symposium also featured Paco Underhill, author and CEO of Envirosell, and Priscilla McKinney, CEO (and Momma Bird) of Little Bird Marketing.

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