• Hunter Thurman

Is your brand red, green, or purple?

In case you missed the RBC Capital Markets call last week, I wanted to recap a quick example of the power of model-based neuroscience, within our longitudinal measures.

  • I described the three sub-conscious drivers that underlie brand choice (we often refer to these core drivers in short-hand of “green, red, and purple”).

  • I provided an example of how a winning hard seltzer brand (Truly) aligns with a growing purple driver, and a declining brand (White Claw) aligns with a declining green driver.

  • I provided a few examples of how any brand can amplify the growing driver, and avoid declining drivers in terms of fueling consumer & shopper behavior.

So the question is, which ‘color’ is your brand’s consumer / shopper strategy, and are you on the right track?

Click here to listen to the full call, led by Nik Modi, Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets.

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