• Julie Maines

Elusive audience? Maybe it's their decision-making lens

Join me for the first installment of this succinct, four-part ‘brain spotlight’ series, where we’ll take a look at each of the four drivers of behavior that translate into resonance for brands...

First, a quick intro:

  • Consumers rely on one of four drivers, or decision-making lenses, as they navigate the world, so...

  • We diagnose these lenses via our proprietary neuropsych measures in our consumer and customer studies, and...

  • Reference our Heuristics Field Guide to bring forth real-world, tactical tools and guidance for reaching your audience in real life.

Part I: The 'Blue'

Say you’ve tried the following three positionings, but can’t seem to break through to your intended audience...

"Buying Brand X...

These seem fairly comprehensive, but the ‘missing’ one here is the Rational, Practical mindset:

"Buying Brand X...

If THIS is the mindset of your audience, here are a few simple, strategic examples of what works, and what doesn't...

1. Trying to convey a product experience to guide them?

This mindset is looking for ACCURACY & EFFECTIVENESS of solutions. What ‘feels right’ is not convincing.

2. Trying to reach them with sensory imagery?

They respond to verbal information that rationally spells out WHY something works, and WHY it’s better. Perceptual imagery, sans information, works against this mindset.

3. Trying to communicate via POS promotions?

This mindset is ‘mission’- oriented, so reaching them EARLY in their purchase journey is key. If you wait until your product is right in front of them, you missed your chance.

Of course, there’s much more to unpack, so give us a shout if you’d like to know more.

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