Here’s the deal:

Based on decades of experience in big university neurolab settings, we’ve discovered something truly new about the way people think, and behave.

Power of behavioral science

In terms of an analogy, we’ve uncovered the ‘transmission’ of human cognition – the sub-conscious gears people shift into and out of that clearly explain the drivers, and barriers, that underlie their behavior (we call these 4 drivers and 5 barriers The 9 WHY’s).  

driving big-time growth for businesses
Alpha-Diver quali // quant research instrument

Alpha-Diver's quali // quant research instrument, at-a-glance:

quali // quant research instrument
quali // quant research chart
Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 10.12.03
driver & barrier database
Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 10.12.03

We continually measure – and predict – what’s driving consumer & shopper behavior.

The OmniPulse    Measure + Database


Each month, we field our unique pulse measure with a gen pop sample. Based on sub-conscious drivers and barriers that consumers don’t even recognize themselves, our longitudinal pulse studies reveal deeper patterns over time, and reliably predict shopper behavior.

So – brands & retailers can activate on the objectives of every work plan:

Innovation: What do people actually need & want?

Communication: Where and how can our message stand out from the noise?

Activation: When are shoppers actually getable within the purchase journey?

How can this breakthrough measure unleash YOUR business?


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