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driver & barrier database
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We continually measure – and predict – what’s driving consumer & shopper behavior.


Each month, we field the world’s most unique consumer survey with a gen pop sample. This unique measure taps the sub-conscious drivers and barriers that consumers don’t even recognize themselves, and our proprietary data analyses reveals longitudinal insights, behavioral patterns over time, and reliably predict marketplace behavior.


So – brands and retailers can drive buy-rate and penetration via the pillars of marketing strategy:


  • Who are you getting, and can drive buy-rate? 

  • Who aren't you getting, but could, to drive penetration?

  • Which of the 4 human drivers compels the above segments?

  • Which of the 5 human barriers hinders them?

Innovation: What innovation paths will drive buy rate / penetration?

Activation: How can you activate for max behavior-driving?

Via our Omni-Pulse insert, we add key measures around YOUR category / brand to unleash this wealth of knowledge to grow YOUR business.


"Amazing BeSci capabilities that I have used a ton over the years… my secret weapon, the “Customer Whisperer.” The insights A-D brings are SO interesting and different than any traditional supplier the retailers GOBBLE it up. WMT loves it, Target LOVES it, Costco – LOVE. Any team that has an appetite for cutting edge research will love the work they do."

– CPG Global Insights Lead

Alpha-Diver quali // quant research instrument

We continually measure the sub-conscious drivers and barriers that shape consumer behavior. Our database holds years of longitudinal data.

So what?

By including your category and brand in our monthly Omni-Pulse fielding, you'll tap this treasure trove of insights – which not only explains the WHY's to drive your biz, but also trajectories to inform what's coming next.


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Getting under the hood a bit:

Based on decades of experience in big university neurolab settings, we’ve discovered something truly new about the way people think, and behave.

Power of behavioral science

In terms of an analogy, we’ve uncovered the ‘transmission’ of human cognition – the sub-conscious gears people shift into and out of that clearly explain the drivers, and barriers, that underlie their behavior (we call these 4 drivers and 5 barriers The 9 WHY’s).  

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