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The context:

The business problem:

The breakthrough:

While it drives high consumer engagement, the beverage-alcohol category is notoriously difficult to assess and predict. And yet, business leaders need tangible guides to plan strategy and activation.

It’s basically impossible for consumers to realize or explain why they consume one category or another in a specific occasion (beer vs. spirits vs. wine vs. hard seltzer vs. canned cocktails…), or why they choose a given brand (Truly vs. White Claw, and so on…)


The Constellation Brands team came to us for a deeper, psychology-based understanding of the WHY’s behind consumption behaviors.

We’ve mapped the operating system of the brain – the key neuroscientific factors that underlie behavior.

We applied our proprietary measure & database to diagnose consumer decision-making for the bev-alc category, and armed the team with a comprehensive playbook explaining why people consume, and how to activate to stand out from the noise out in the real world.

The portfolio – and share price – centered around brands like Corona and Modelo, continue to out-pace competitors.

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