insight development via psychology
Wanna’ see a magic trick? 

We’ll add lots of zeros to your investment with us…

An $80,000 innovation project with the largest confections company in the world drove $76,000,000 in incremental potential.
Big challenges:

Power brands, but with a dry well of achievable, incremental concepts.

Countless recent efforts via traditional means – but with no success.

Growing internal impatience for “the innovation process.”

So we:

Applied neuro-sensory principles to evolve from what a product IS, to what it DOES in consumers’ minds.

Quickly generated more than 100 new ‘mini-concepts.’

24 concepts out-performed the best-ever previous launches in terms of both volume and incrementality.

Projected at $76,000,000 of total volume.

Multiple of these ideas continue to launch…

 insight development via neuroscience
BeSci principles from the world of academia
journey mapping with food & bev brands
A $150k journey mapping project with one of the world’s largest food & bev brands drove $30,000,000 in incremental sales.
journey mapping project
innate human perception and behavior

Alpha-Diver's segmentation approach empowered a mature OTC pharma brand to grow – for the first time in 5 years.

Flat / declining year-over-year sales, waning retailer patience.

Struggling to reposition to drive relevance with a growing ‘non-treater’ audience.

Consumers perceived an expanded competitive set, further threatening the biz.

Our unique quali // quant study accurately segmented the ‘treating ecosystem.’

Identified a key getable segment, and a fresh new positioning approach to attract them.

Delivered playbook of action insights to reposition the brand and activate against key segments.

= Drove brand growth for the first time in 5 years, despite supply disruptions during a key season.

human-centered strategies - Alpha-Diver
Felt Needs

Food & Bev

“We were looking to understand consumers in a new way and Alpha-Diver definitely delivered.”


– Insights Director, Global Beverage Portfolio

Food and Bev - Alpha-Diver
B2B - Alpha-Diver


“I rely on Alpha-Diver every time I want to help reimagine what we are trying to do.”


– Sr. Research Manager, Global Industrial B2B Portfolio  

Personal Care

“Thoughtful approaches to solving business questions grounded in science-based principles of human psychology to uncover a deeper understanding of why your consumers behave the way they do.”


– Sr. Leader, Global Innovation // Behavioral Science, Personal & HH Care Portfolio

Personal Care - Alpha-Diver
Pharma // Healthcare - Alpha-Diver

Pharma // Healthcare

“I wanted to check in with you because we’ve seen great success using Alpha-Diver’s research as a foundation for growth.” 


– Marketing Director, Consumer Healthcare Brand in Mature Category

Financial Services

“By working with Alpha-Diver, we were able to understand how the barriers and motivators to engage with our products shifted along a customer’s journey, not just at a single point in time…and improve our effectiveness in market.”


– Director, Marketing Science, Fortune 100 Financial Services Provider

Financial Services - Alpha-Diver
Household Care - Alpha-Diver

Household Care

“Alpha-Diver has made all the difference. I have been able to drive double digit sales growth...”


– VP Omnichannel Marketing, Global Household Care Portfolio

Agency Partners

"Alpha-Diver is the organization I go to with nearly any strategic insights challenge I find myself tackling for my clients. Their approach is unique and groundbreaking… my clients are never disappointed.”


– Principal, Strategic Insights Consultancy

Agency Partners - Alpha-Diver
bring my brand to life

We’re activation-obsessed. 

Alpha-Diver Heuristics Playbook

Resources such as our proprietary Heuristics Playbook arm the Alpha-Diver team with a wealth of how-to in positioning and activating for success in the hearts and minds of consumers based on the mental shortcuts they use to make decisions.

This resource provides ALL the insight on heuristics, perception, attribution – basically everything one needs to bring a brand to life in the way that hits the cognitive bull’s-eye with its audience.