Our leadership team is 'cognitively optimized.'

There IS a secret to a truly optimal team – to provide truly complete understanding for your business. It involves not just uniquely-smart people, but a complementary team that spans the continuum from a deductive, analytical thinking style, to the inductive, exploratory orientation (assessed via our own neuropsych thinking style assessment completed by each Alpha-Diver team member). We’ve applied this secret to build an optimal set of perspectives that work directly on every project we handle.

Alpha-Diver Director of Data Insights
Mary Mathes, MA - Alpha-Diver

Mary Mathes, MA

Director of Data Insights

Super powers:
  • Data patterning 

  • Logic mapping

  • Fact-based storytelling

Mary Mathes, MA  Director of Data Insights
Alpha-Diver Director of Data Empathy
Julie Maines, MM MS - Alpha-Diver

Julie Maines, MM MS

Director of Data Empathy


Super powers:

  • Expressive data (video, etc.)

  • Unstructured data & natural-language processing

  • Heuristics Activation

Julie Maines, MM MS  Director of Data Empathy
Alpha-Diver Principal Neuroscientist // Director of Research
T. Sigi Hale, PhD - Alpha-Diver

T. Sigi Hale, PhD

Principal Neuroscientist // Director of Research

Super powers:

  • Human understanding

  • Behavioral research design & analytics

  • Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience

Principal Neuroscientist // Director of Research
Hunter Thurman - Alpha-Diver

Hunter Thurman


Super powers:

  • Strategic re-framing

  • Activation-focused strategy

  • Team development

Hunter Thurman  President
Neuropsych Insights Analyst.jpeg

Bethany Merillat, MS, MEd

Neuropsych Insights Analyst

Super powers:

  • Study design 

  • Translating research into practice

  • Client partnership / education

Super Powers.png
Bill ‘Bubs’ Godsil, PhD - Alpha-Diver

Bill Godsil, PhD

Neuro & Data Scientist

Super powers:
  • Advanced psych + statistical analysis

  • Natural language processing

  • Data quality assurance

Bethany Merillat, MS, MEd
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Do you do qual?

Yes. And, absolutely not. Our technique uncovers what qual is intended to, and much more – but it’s anything but ordinary “observe and report.”

Do you do international work?

Yes. All the time. In any country.

What’s up with your name?

The words “Alpha” and “Diver” are internal short-hand we’ve used for years in explaining the subconscious (aka System 1) drivers of behavior.

Did you used to be called "Thriveplan"?

Yes. We grew, expanded, and rebranded in 2020.

How long does a project take?

Most projects are 6-12 weeks. But our database lets us pull smart insights in a matter of minutes, as well. Every challenge is a little different, so give us a call and we’re happy to discuss what’s possible. While a project is usually the first step in working with us, we’re much more focused on long-term relationships, so we like to talk early in your planning cycle when we can help you better assess the big picture.

In what industries do you specialize?

You can see some success stories on this site and, in-short, because we understand humans at a fundamental level, we’re comfortable in any category. We’ve worked with everyone from moms to Millennials, farmers to franchisees, pet owners to personal trainers.

Can I work there?

We’re always interested in hearing from smart people, so drop us a line.

What about B2B?

Yes. We have tons of experience in complex B2B contexts.

Who are your main competitors?

We see projects competing with everyone from huge global conglomerates, to specialty research firms and consultancies.

Do you maintain an “innovation lab” to continually optimize how you do what you do and invent new things to help your clients leap ahead of the pack?

Yes. Yes we do.

Who’s the best ping pong player in the whole company?