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A neuroscientist, former national security analyst, and recovering ethnographer walk into a bar…

Our leadership team is 'cognitively optimized.'

There IS a secret to a truly optimal team – to provide truly complete understanding for your business. It involves not just uniquely-smart people, but a complementary team that spans the continuum from a deductive, analytical thinking style, to the inductive, exploratory orientation (the science term is ‘neural diversity’ which is assessed via our own neuropsych thinking style assessment completed by each Alpha-Diver team member – profiles depicted below each bio). We’ve applied this secret to build an optimal set of perspectives across our team.

Alpha-Diver Director of Data Insights
Mary Mathes, MA - Alpha-Diver

Mary Mathes, MA

Director of Data Insights

Super powers:
  • Data patterning 

  • Logic mapping

  • Fact-based storytelling

Mary Mathes, MA  Director of Data Insights
Alpha-Diver Director of Data Empathy
Julie Maines, MM MS - Alpha-Diver

Julie Maines, MM MS

Director of Data Empathy


Super powers:

  • Expressive data (video, etc.)

  • Unstructured data & natural-language processing

  • Heuristics Activation

Julie Maines, MM MS  Director of Data Empathy
Alpha-Diver Principal Neuroscientist // Director of Research
T. Sigi Hale, PhD - Alpha-Diver

T. Sigi Hale, PhD

Principal Neuroscientist // Director of Research

Super powers:

  • Human understanding

  • Behavioral research design & analytics

  • Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience

Sigi Hale, PhD  Principal Neuroscientist // Director of Research
Neuropsych Insights Analyst_edited.jpg

Bethany Merillat, MS, MEd

Research Operations Manager

Super powers:

  • Study design 

  • Translating research into practice

  • Client partnership / education

Bill ‘Bubs’ Godsil, PhD - Alpha-Diver

Bill Godsil, PhD

Neuro & Data Scientist

Super powers:

  • Advanced psych + statistical analysis

  • Natural language processing

  • Data quality assurance

Bill Godsil, PhD

Rosie Samide, PhD

Research Systems Analyst // Data Visualization

Super powers:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Data translation & visualization

  • Code optimization

Sheffield UK_edited_edited.jpg
AD Web Photo.png

Oliver Hellewell, MBA

Performance Marketing Manager

Super powers:

  • Marketing strategy

  • Campaign planning & design

  • Data analytics

Hunter Thurman - Alpha-Diver

Hunter Thurman


Super powers:

  • Strategic re-framing

  • Activation-focused strategy

  • Team development

Hunter Thurman  President
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